JUNIOR GOLF: Pima County & Southern Arizona Championships


Aayden Price won the Boy's 9-10 championship of the Southern Arizona Junior Championship (Tucson Junior Golf)

Aayden Price won the Boy’s 9-10 championship of the Southern Arizona Junior Championship (Tucson Junior Golf)

The Southwest Section Southern Chapter PGA and Ricki Rarick Junior Golf Program held the Pima County Junior Championship and the Southern Arizona Junior Championship over the last two weeks.

Canyon del Oro standout Jack Call won the Boy’s Championship of the Pima County Junior Championship and former Cholla standout Dana Nussberger won the Girl’s Championship.

Former Salpointe standout Derek Lozier on the Boy’s Championship of the Southern Arizona Junior Championship and Salpointe’s Annabelle Huether won the Girl’s Championship.

Pima County Junior Championship

June 27-28: The Golf Club at Vistoso

1-Jack Call–6-69-69-138
T2-Derek Lozier–2-73-69-142
T2-Justin Fischer–2-73-69-142
4-Nate Benjamin–1-72-71-143
5-Bobby Padilla-+5-75-74-149
6-Sean Moreno-+18-81-81-162

1-Dana Nussberger-+7-76-75-151
2-Marisol Benavidez-+11-77-78-155
3-Serenity Guerrero-+13-78-79-157
4-Alexis Pico-+25-78-91-169
5-Kassy Tejeda-+28-76-96-172
6-Lily Nielsen-+35-91-88-179
7-Nikki Hacker-+47-97-94-191
8-Kaitlyn Hsu-+78-106-116-222

BOYS 16-18
1-Samuel Salisbury-+11-73-82-155
2-Jake Livermore-+15-82-77-159
3-Michael Tellez-+19-80-83-163

BOYS 13-15
1-Charlie Leon-+2-70-76-146
T2-Jackson Huether-+17-81-80-161
T2-Brendan Williams-+17-80-81-161

GIRLS 10-13
1-Marley Moncada-+10-41-41-82
2-Angelica Martinez-+11-43-40-83
3-Hannah Pak-+19-47-44-91

BOYS 11-12
1-Nathan Romero-+14-42-44-86
2-Carter Callahan-+26-50-48-98
3-Jackson Gray-+29-50-51-101

1-Alexa Corona-+25-34-39-73
2-Taylor Cowx-+28-43-33-76
3-Bella Gooch-+68-62-54-116

BOYS 9-10
1-Wyatt Charnoki-+21-48-45-93
2-David Martinez Jr.-+32-52-52-104
3-Aayden Price-+52-58-66-124

T1-Maxwell Callahan-+19-18-23-41
T1-Gaines Gooch-+19-23-18-41
3-Sergio Canez-+20-21-21-42

Southern Arizona Junior Championship

July 5: Silverbell Golf Course

1-Derek Lozier-+2-F-72-100
2-Justin Fischer-+3-F-73-90
3-Nate Benjamin-+4-F-74-80
4-Jack Call-+5-F-75-70
5-Chandler Garcia-+6-F-76-60
6-Cooper Bradford-+8-F-78-50
7-Sean Moreno-+13-F-83-40
8-Dylan Telford-+14-F-84-30

1-Annabelle Huether-+5-F-75-100
2-Dana Nussberger-+8-F-78-90
3-Lily Nielsen-+9-F-79-80
4-Marisol Benavidez-+12-F-82-70
5-Kassy Tejeda-+13-F-83-60
6-Alexis Pico-+20-F-90-50
7-Kaitlyn Hsu-+21-F-91-40
8-Danae Bravo-+46-F-116-30

BOYS 16-18
1-Big V Morales-+3-F-73-100
2-Kamden Kautz-+5-F-75-90
3-Joseph Kennedy-+6-F-76-80
4-Turner Kahn-+8-F-78-70

BOYS 13-15
1-Brendan Williams-+9-F-79-100
T2-Koshi Obukuro-+11-F-81-85
T2-A.J. Quihuis-+11-F-81-85

GIRLS 10-13
1-Mackenzie McRee-+4-F-39-100
2-Angelica Martinez-+6-F-41-90
T3-Madeline Greene-+8-F-43-75
T3-Hannah Ports-+8-F-43-75

BOYS 11-12
1-Carlos Astiazaran-+1-F-36-100
2-Kaden Boyter-+7-F-42-90
T3-Karsten Jones-+10-F-45-75
T3-Nathan Romero-+10-F-45-75

1-Lucy Newell-+8-F-31-100
2-Hayden Ports-+11-F-34-90
3-Alexa Corona-+17-F-40-80

BOYS 9-10
1-Aayden Price-+11-F-46-100
2-Wyatt Charnoki-+14-F-49-90
3-Oliver Corwon-+15-F-50-80

1-Everett Corwon-+3-F-14-100
2-Jacob Kellman-+7-F-18-90
3-Tiffany Schultz-+11-F-22-80

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