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Arizona Wildcats’ Digital Gurus put together another “legendary” production


The Arizona Wildcats’ creative services department, otherwise known as the Digital Gurus, has pieced together another video that resembles the title: “Legendary.”

Adding to the significance of the video: Former CDO and Arizona softball standout Kenzie Fowler helped produce it as part of the creative services department. A few elements of Wildcat lore are in the video with most of the exploits shown from players of the Sean Miller era that dates to 2009.

“Gave her the concept, she did the rest,” said John Daly, a senior associate athletic director for development who oversees the creative services department. “She’s really talented. Been an absolute stud for us.”

Fowler is a producer/editor with the Digital Gurus.

The lyrics of the song “Legendary” by Welshley Arms have meaning to Arizona’s drive to succeed:

Cause we’re gonna be legends
Gonna get their attention
What we’re doing here aint just scary
It’s about to be legendary
Yeah we’re gonna be legends
Gonna teach ’em all a lesson

Daly and his staff, including Fowler, are to be commended once again. Ryan Bloom is the athletics video production assistant, Carlos Moreno the video producer/director and Mike Hausler the videographer/producer.

Here’s the video with other legendary productions by the Digital Gurus listed after:


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