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Gone Hollywood: It’s gotta be the hair for McConnell

T.J. McConnell

Who is hotter than Arizona coach Sean Miller and former Wildcats guard T.J. McConnell? Hmmm, very few in the sports world, save for some big football game next week and trade rumors involving Carmelo Anthony.

But Miller and McConnell are seemingly attached at the hip, given that McConnell attended UA and played under Miller, the lead candidate for college basketball coach of the year. One has the Philadelphia 76ers as one of the hottest NBA teams and the other has Arizona moving up in the polls and a new national media darling.

The two were on the Doug Gottlieb Radio Show on Friday afternoon and Miller wanted to make sure he’s not a fan of his former guard’s haircut. He went from crew cut to a longer-haired look.

“He had this crew cut and it embodied all the qualities of his game,” Miller said on the show. “He was a throwback in every sense of the word. When I asked him about his hair I lost out to his fiancée. I told him, ‘T.J. you can’t deviate now that you’re in the NBA; we need more of you (and) you need to stay with the same look.'”

Arizona hair days.

Miller added, “I lost out to someone who is more important.”

Gottlieb then jumped in to say, “He’s gone Hollywood.”

Miller said: “We need to make sure he stays with his Pittsburgh roots.”

McConnell said he knew the hair comment was coming, saying that Miller should know the meaning of “happy wife, happy life. And that’s what I’m trying to do here.”

Perhaps more importantly, McConnell said he loves the way Arizona is playing at 19-2.

When asked how cool it would be to see Miller get to the Final Four, something McConnell & Co., came close to doing with two appearances in the Elite Eight, McConnell said:

“He doesn’t get nearly enough credit. He’s a top coach in the NCAA. No one deserves to make it to a Final Four than he does. He’s a tireless recruiter (and no one knows) how much effort he puts in. He wants to win more than a lot of players do and that’s why I loved playing for him.”


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