Rincon/University standout Melanie Ginther to play for Occidental College

Melanie Ginther (Andy Morales/

Rincon/University outfielder Melanie Ginther announced her commitment to play for Occidental College in Los Angeles.

“Thank you all for helping me so much and always having my back. I have the best extended family which includes the most amazing friends, moms/dads/coaches/teachers who have all helped raise me,” Ginther joyfully announced.

“I want to get an amazing education and use it to make the world better one day, just like how all of you have made my world better so many times. Big shout out to MothaJane and my brother Danny and dog Skeeter, I love these dudes more than I can put into words and I know for a fact that I’m beyond blessed to have them in this great house with me.

“And, of course, big thank you to the amazing coaches and teachers I’ve had who have treated me like their own and continue to even though they aren’t paid to anymore and were never paid enough in the first place. Thanks for tolerating me I know that can be quite a task at times. I love you guys so much if I could spend all my life hugging you people I would but that would be crowded and I know some of you are claustrophobic.”


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