Southern Arizona Golf Watch List

Alexandra Quihuis (Andy Morales/

AUG. 24-25: (GIRLS) Nighthawk Invitational (Omni)
SEPT. 7-8: (BOYS) The Southern Arizona Invitational Tournament (The Views)
SEPT. 28-29: (BOYS) Flowing Wells Tournament of Champions (Silverbell)

Alexandra Quihuis, Salpointe (Sr.) D-II State Runner-up
Maya Benita, Catalina Foothills (Jr.) D-II 6th Place
Halley Hughes, Sahuaro (Sr.)
Allison Acosta, Ironwood Ridge (Sr.) D-II 9th Place
Serenity Guerrero, Sahuaro (Sr.)
Angelica Martinez, Tucson (So.)
Lizzy Miller, Ironwood Ridge (Sr.)
Libby Axen, Catalina Foothills (So.)
Hailey Tellez, Mountain View (Sr.)
Maddie Greene, Rincon/UHS (So.)
Hannah Pak, Cienega (So.)
Mason Rawls, Cienega (So.)
Kaitlyn Hsu, Canyon del Oro (Sr.)
Caroline Axen, Catalina Foothills (So.)
Hannah Bort, Canyon del Oro (Sr.)
Neha Blair, Salpointe (Sr.)
Maddie Conway, Catalina Foothills (Jr.)
Victoria Pena, Tucson (Sr.)
Kaylee Jewkes, Ironwood Ridge (So.)
Sofia Santos, Canyon del Oro (Sr.)
Madeline Fay, Canyon del Oro (So.)
Cassidy Morrow, Sahuaro (So.)
Madi Nagelhout, Marana (So.)
Analysa Martinez, Marana (Sr.)

Jake Goode. (Andy Morales/

Jake Goode, Catalina Foothills (Sr.) D-II State Runner-up
Dallan Graybill, Rincon/UHS (Sr.) D-I 10th Place
Jarrod Johnson, Ironwood Ridge (Jr.)
Max Kruger, Salpointe (So.)
Ethan Hightower, Buena (Sr.)
Carlos Leon, Salpointe (Sr.)
Adam Mamula, Catalina Foothills (Sr.)
Connor Wierman, Ironwood Ridge (Sr.)
Ray Ramirez, Sabino (So.)
Koshi Obukuro, Cienega (Sr.)
Max Robles, Mountain View (Sr.)
Daniel Henely, Cienega (So.)
Isaac Ruiz, Buena (Jr.)
Gabriel Escalera, Walden Grove (So.)
Brendon Williams, Rincon/UHS (Sr.)
Diego Guerrero, Cienega (So.)
Brock Oberdank, Sabino (Sr.)
Derek Ozbirn, Sunnyside (Jr.)
Erik Meyer, Nogales (Jr.)
Cory Tertel, Catalina Foothills (Jr.)
Trey Cox, Ironwood Ridge (Jr.)
Zach Rojahn, Walden Grove (Sr.)
Devin Ackermann, Mountain View (So.)

Individual Combined Championships by School
11: Canyon del Oro
7: Rincon/University
7: Tucson
6: Sabino
6: Sahuarita
4: Catalina Foothills
3: Palo Verde
3: San Manuel
2: Sahuaro
2: Salpointe
1: Benson
1: Buena
1: Cienega
1: Immaculate Heart
1: Nogales
1: Willcox

1967 Carolyn Rapson, Rincon (5A)
1996 Tanja Arnold, Sabino (4A)
1997 Christina Baena, Canyon del Oro (5A)
2001 Nicole de Gennaro, Palo Verde (4A)
2002 Andrea Ratigan, Rincon/UHS (4A)
2003 Andrea Ratigan, Rincon/UHS (4A)
2009 Laura Jabczenski, Catalina Foothills (4A-I)
2010 Laura Jabczenski, Catalina Foothills (D-II)
2010 Jordan Carter, Cienega (D-II)
2011 Krystal Quihuis, Salpointe (D-II)
2012 Krystal Quihuis, Salpointe (D-II)
2015 Kathryn Ottman, Sahuaro (D-II)

1939 Charles Lamb, Tucson (5A)
1939 Charles Brown, Tucson (5A)
1940 Lyle Ostron, Tucson (5A)
1941 John Rudolph, Tucson (5A)
1950 Jim Warren. Tucson (5A)
1958 Bob Goana, Tucson (5A)
1959 Tom Fink, Tucson (5A)
1964 Bruce Balcom, Palo Verde (5A)
1965 Ken Engle, Rincon (5A)
1968 Mark Udall, Canyon del Oro (4A)
1974 Scott Spence, Canyon del Oro (4A)
1975 Ron Venkus, Canyon del Oro (4A)
1976 Mike Miranda, San Manuel (4A)
1977 Mike Miranda, San Manuel (4A)
1977 Dave DeSantis, Sahuaro (5A)
1978 Don Agers, Canyon del Oro (4A)
1978 Willie Wood, Sabino (5A)
1979 Willie Wood, Sabino (5A)
1979 Tom DeWitt, Canyon del Oro (4A)
1979 Mike Johnson, Sahuarita (3A)
1980 John Buttery, Canyon del Oro (4A)
1980 Paul Kruse, Sahuarita (3A)
1983 Tom McCahn, Willcox (3A)
1984 Chris Fanning, Sahuarita (3A)
1984 John Rojahn, Sahuarita (3A)
1985 Sergio Ruiz. Nogales (4A)
1985 Chris Aune, San Manuel (3A)
1987 Robbie Carr, Sahuarita (3A)
1989 Brian Kontak, Sabino (4A)
1993 Andres Ramos, Rincon/UHS (4A)
1997 Tom Rasmussen, Rincon/UHS (4A)
1998 Tom Taylor. Sahuarita (3A)
2001 Ben Kern, Palo Verde (4A)
2005 Chase Hite, Sabino (4A-I)
2006 Armando Villarreal, Rincon/UHS (4A-I)
2007 Travis Graves, Canyon del Oro (4A-I)
2009 Bill Flower, Catalina Foothills (4A-I)
2009 Joe Ryan, Benson (1A-2A)
2010 Ian Patterson, Immaculate Heart (1A-2A)
2010 Gentry Hicks, Canyon del Oro (D-II)
2010 Colin McCarty, Buena (D-I)
2011 Jaime Waltmire, Canyon del Oro (D-II)
2012 Billy Comeaux, Sabino (D-II)
2014 Chris Meyers, Canyon del Oro (D-II)
2016 Gavin Cohen, Catalina Foothills (D-II)

Catalina Foothills (4)
2004: 4A (Mark Polich)
2006: 4A (Mark Polich)
2009: 4A-II (Mark Polich)
2010: D-II (Mark Polich)

Sahuaro (2)
2013: D-II (Megan Hughes)
2015: D-II (Megan Hughes)

Salpointe (2)
2011: D-II (Michele Murphy)
2012: D-II (Michele Murphy)

Santa Rita
1970: 5A (Unknown)

Canyon del Oro (9)
1968: 4A (Bob Richter)
1974: 4A (John Ruiz)
1975: 4A (John Ruiz)
1976: 4A (John Ruiz)
1978: 4A (John Ruiz)
1979: 4A (John Ruiz)
1980: 4A (John Ruiz)
2010: D-II (John Farbarik)
2011: D-II (John Farbarik)

Tucson (7)
1939: 5A (Ples Harper)
1940: 5A (Ples Harper)
1948: 5A (James Black)
1950: 5A (James Black)
1958: 5A (Harry Smith)
1959: 5A (Harry Smith)
1960: 5A (Harry Smith)

Sahuarita (5)
1979: 3A (Steve Keller)
1980: 3A (Steve Keller)
1982: 3A (Steve Keller)
1983: 3A (Steve Keller)
1984: 3A (Steve Keller)

Salpointe (4)
1965: 5A (Charles Potts)
1980: 5A (Regis Tremblay)
1981: 5A (Jim Flannery)
2004: 5A (Jim Flannery)

Rincon/UHS (3)
1993: 4A (Steve Reff)
1994: 4A (Steve Reff)
2002: 4A (Steve Morrow)

Catalina Foothills (2)
2009: 4A-I (Julie Walters)
2016: D-II (Julie Walters)

1981: 3A (Kenny Farmer)

1970: 4A (Donald Harris)

1983: 4A (Jim Halliday)

Ironwood Ridge
2008: 5A-II (Ryan Bais)

Flowing Wells
1982: 4A (Mark Latham)

1986: 5A (Art Learing)

1985: 4A (Mark Valenzuela)


Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and he was awarded the Ray McNally Award in 2017 and he has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here and on Andy is the Southern Arizona voting member of the Ed Doherty Award, recognizing the top football player in Arizona, and he was named a Local Hero by the Tucson Weekly for 2016. Contact Andy Morales at


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