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Senior Letter to Class of 2020: Desert Christian’s Alexandra Tucker has reached out for high school seniors to write the class of 2020 a letter during this unique time of their schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s letter was written by Desert Christian softball player Alexandra Tucker.

Alexandra Tucker (Family photo)

Class of 2020,

Hi there! My name is Alex Tucker; I am a senior at Desert Christian High School. The year 2020 was etched into my brain from middle school as “my year.” My year to graduate, my year to thrive as a leader on my campus and in my sports. The year 2020 was my year to live and shine in the spotlight. It was my year to leave an impact on my school and in my community. My year obviously did not pan out as I had expected. However, have no doubt, it is still my year. Often in life, our plans are thwarted and our goals change due to circumstance, but our circumstances do not define who we are.

Class of 2020 is still graduating, thriving, leading, impacting and shining. Class of 2020, this is still our year and it is better than we could have imagined. Senior year is meant to be a list of “lasts.” “Last First Day,” “Last basketball game in the home gym,” “Last high school theater production,” and “Last day of high school.” All of those “lasts,” while bittersweet, provide closure for seniors and are meant to be cherished for forever. The “good ole days” of senior year are memories made and kept between friends and family for years to come.

The Class of 2020 was robbed of many “lasts” but in exchange, we were given “firsts.” First class to graduate virtually due to a pandemic, first class to finish their semester online together, and first class to resiliently unite together through social distancing. While we are not the first class to grow through adversity and we certainly will not be the last, we are the class who raised the standards of senior year.

Moving forward into college and the work force, we will forever be known as the unbreakable class of 2020. We made history before we even graduated, and that is a legacy that will stick with us forever. People will know our names forever and we will thrive.  While we may have lost prom and graduation as we pictured them, we have gained strength and perseverance which will forever benefit us in our paths of life. Class of 2020, I can empathize with you in the disappointment of losing your “perfect senior year” but I want to encourage and remind you that this is our perfect senior year, and I for one, would not trade it for anything.

Alexandra Tucker

Desert Christian High School, Class of 2020

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