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IZZY’S POV: Finding Yourself in February


Hi Wildcat Fans!

We have just completed our five-game weekend in Clearwater, Fla. We played Florida State, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech and Indiana. We were challenged this weekend and we came out of this tough weekend on a high note.

Anyone in the college softball world can attest to the fact that February is about finding yourself and figuring out who you want to be as a team for the rest of season. Our first three games we battled and came up short. Our hitting struggled and we didn’t make the adjustments we needed to. Hitting is about making adjustments quickly and being efficient to the ball when you feel like you are getting beat. Our pitchers have been dealing for us and we have played pretty solid defensively.

Arizona’s 2023 softball team continues its 10-game road trip this weekend at Arkansas (Pacho photo)

After three tough losses we made it a goal to come out against Virginia Tech with as much energy as we could so that we could build momentum. No matter what the score was or how our own at bats went, we just wanted to celebrate the little things. Every strike Devyn threw, every catch that was made, every groundball fielded, we were going to make it known that the momentum was in our hands.

I have to tip my cap to Virginia Tech because they are a great team, full of talented softball players. Emma Lemley pitched against us and she threw an incredible game. We struck out 17 times as a team and it did not feel like that in the dugout. We were loud, made our presence known, and executed when it was needed. We had some big hits from Dakota Kennedy, Kaiah Altmeyer, Blaise Biringer, Allie Skaggs, Olivia DiNardo and Carlie Scupin. We had the insurance runs going into the seventh inning and Devyn Netz slammed the door to finish the game.

Izzy Pacho (left) with her batterymate Devyn Netz (Pacho photo)

We figured out who we are Saturday night in Clearwater. We are loud, we celebrate the little things we do right, and we fight from the first pitch to the very last. This team is going to make a run for OKC and I am so happy that I get to be a small part of it.

Our next games will be in Arkansas next weekend when we will finish off our 10-day trip! Thursday, we play a doubleheader against Arkansas at 3 p.m. and 5:30 pm. Friday, we play Drake at 11 a.m. and Arkansas at 4 p.m. Saturday, we will finish off with Drake at 9 a.m. Thank you for continuing to support us!

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