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Hi Wildcat Fans!

This week I wanted to talk about how we take care of ourselves outside of the field. We are practicing throughout the week, competing every weekend, and constantly thinking about our performance. This can get to be a lot of 17-23 year-old college student-athletes. I can speak from experience that in order to make a run for the WCWS you have to take care of yourself as a person first before you even try to compete on the field.

Personally, I love to spend time with my family, hang out with friends, try new restaurants, finish a puzzle and even read a book. I love to be outside, especially right now because our weather in Tucson is just perfect. I am also a huge coffee and dirty chai lover, so sitting at a local coffee shop always makes me feel like I hit the reset button. I also find a lot of pleasure in wearing regular clothes. I know that sounds funny, but wearing a graphic t-shirt, biker shorts, and some Nike Dunks puts me in a great mood. I love shoes, so shopping for them, looking at them online or even reorganizing my own collection brings me peace. I am a kid at heart and really enjoy watching Spongebob on my off days. It takes me back to when I was a kid and I always love to have a good laugh. It makes me feel like a “normal” person who is just going about their day. When I take care of myself off of the field, I feel like I can be a better softball player.

Puzzle Arizona softball players completed during their recent series at ASU (Izzy Pacho photo)

I love doing things with my teammates, like watching movies, eating breakfast together, or even recovering together in the training room. We have fun with each other, and it makes the game so much more rewarding with this group of people.

I asked my teammates how they take care of themselves off the field, things they like to do or prioritize, and these were their responses:

● Journal
● Puzzles
● Breathing exercises
● Yoga
● Talking to family and friends
● Taking naps
● Listen to music
● Going on walks
● Shopping at Target
● Surrounding myself with people who make me happy

I also wanted to give a shoutout to my teammate Paige Dimler who is selling her own T-shirt on Bonfire. She highlights on her shirt that you are a person before you are an athlete. No matter what you have accomplished in the past or will in the future, be a person first.

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