Addison Scott: Q & A with Mica Mountain standout Devin Hayward

Devin Hayward. (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson)

Q: You are listed as a 5-foot-11-inch wide receiver and safety. Do you prefer the offensive line or the defensive line and what position on that line and why?

A: I would prefer the offensive line. Probably blind side tackle because I believe that’s the most important position on the football field. I mean to build the trust of the coaches and players to protect your quarterback, especially at the blindside position, it shows the trust your team has in you.

Q: Football is your major sport. Can you tell us about all the sports you’ve tried and how has each sport helped you grow as an athlete and as a person or student?

A: Well as of right now I play basketball, track and golf as a hobby. Basketball has the same competitiveness as football but you have to have finesse and agility. I do track to help improve explosiveness and speed. Golf is just a hobby for me but it keeps the same competitiveness depending on if I’m playing with my friends or by myself. It also helps clear my mind.

Q: Tell us a bit about the offers you’ve received so far and what are your goals as far as the next level goes and what do you want to study?

A: I have received three offers to play football at the next level: The first offer was Montana State Northern, a D-III school. The second offer was a D-II offer from New Mexico Highland down in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The third offer was also a D-II at Saint Anselm in New Hampshire. So we are still striving for that first D-I offer, but I plan to study either biology or engineering in college.

Q: What are some of the camps you’ve attended? We noticed you attended the SMU camp in Texas. Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences there as well as other camps?

A: Well, I went to the Lake Forest Camp in Phoenix. That camp was good. I had a good experience and talked to a lot of D-III schools. I went to SMU and TCU this past weekend. There were a lot of kids, so few reps but I did good on both. I thought the skill difference was going be a drastic change but it wasn’t. It was about the same skill as it is in Phoenix.

Q: Tell us a little about Mica Mountain football. You are a senior now but the Thunderbolts are still seen as a young and hungry team. Is there something about the culture there? Is it the coaching, the players, the program or a little bit of everything?

A: I mean sophomore and junior year there was really no culture. So for my class to be the full 4-year class, really helped with the culture whether that’s in the classroom or on the field. We as a football team, hold each other accountable and push each other.

Q: Tell us about the weight room. How is the competition there?

A: The weight room is kinda also like the cultural aspect too. I mean the first couple years no one really cared and held people accountable but now that I/we are seniors, we take on the role of pushing young guys to do better and not skip reps. I truly believe the weight room makes a whole lot of difference in the game. Also, all our senior skills push each other because we have a really good group and know no one can beat us skills wise. We also know how great each of us can be.

Q: You have a great GPA. Is this something you’ve tried hard to maintain as part of your athletic future and has the classroom always been an important part of your life?

A: I mean, yes. Grades are 75% of that offer to me so I’ve always tried to maintain that 4.0 because football is going to be gone sooner or later. So it’s always important to me so that I can help my parents out in any way.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your family, did they compete in sports, and what kind of motivation have they given you in your academic and athletic career?

A: Both of my parents went to NMSU. My dad played college football there and my mom played softball so that’s how they met. I have two siblings. One played football at NAU for four years on scholarship and the other played softball at BYU on scholarship. So really my parents don’t have to push me. It’s kind of expected I would say. Also for me, I strive to be greater than all of my family.

Q: Who else on your team do we need to keep an eye out for that has possibly gone under the radar?

A: Either Jonah Garcia, a “do it all” wide receiver but unfortunately he is small but with that he is quick and shifty. Xavior Johnson. Our lock down corner. Our coach calls him “Sauce Gardener” because he likes the Jets.

Q: When you line up against a very difficult opponent do you like the challenge and what can you tell us about what happens in the trenches?

A: Well, I love the competition because it pushes me to be better and I can say I do play better when the competition is high. I don’t know what goes down in the trenches but I heard it’s ugly knocking heads every play.

Addison Scott is a senior volleyball standout at Mica Mountain.

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