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Addison Scott: Violet Redondo to New Mexico State

Violet Redondo. (Geovanie Antone, Mica Mountain)

Violet Redondo, a lefty outfielder, just recently committed to play Division I softball for New Mexico State University. Redondo first learned she had a passion for softball at the age of eight after playing catch with her dad at the park. “He took me to Jesse Owens Park and we played catch for the first time. Many people have heard me say my dad is my best friend and I’ll always believe that. He turned a game of catch into my biggest dream ever. I will forever be grateful for my dad as he is my biggest motivation.” Redondo said. 

After going through some ups and downs throughout her journey as a softball player, she overcame those challenges. Redondo says her freshman year of high school she sat on the bench the entire year while playing for the Suncats. By her sophomore year, her coach decided to put her in as the starting leadoff hitter and that never changed. Redondo says, “Over that fall we ended up being the ninth ranked team in the country and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of that and I’ll always remember to trust the process.” Her senior year, she joined the club team Rogue FC Kaye. With the help of those coaches, they were able to bring out the best player she always knew she could be.

Violet Redondo. (George Flores, Mica Mountain)

Not only is softball important to Redondo, but so are her academics. Redondo has an excellent GPA of 4.01. She strives to make herself proud of her academics. She was raised with the idea that her academics came before everything. At New Mexico State next year, Redondo wants to pursue a major in biology in goals to get into the dental field. 

Within the span of a month, Redondo says she received multiple offers to play softball. She says, “Lots and lots of tears. I felt so much stress trying to choose what school would be the best for me. Yet, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, it was my biggest dream and I am so blessed that I got to experience this opportunity. I always knew I had the potential to go DI, and when I finally decided on New Mexico State it felt like a full circle moment!”

With the upcoming season for the Thunderbolts, they are ready to get after it in the spring. Congratulations Violet and good luck to the lady Thunderbolts and their upcoming season!

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