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Addison Scott: Q & A with Isaiah Berg

Isaiah Berg reached 1,000 career points. (Mica Mountain Photo)

You are listed as a 6-foot-7 forward for the Mica Mountain Thunderbolts. What is your favorite part about this position and why? 

I like being so much bigger and taller than most “Bigs” in high school. I think it will be helpful for me because in college, I’m a power forward and small forward and I can be at both positions.

You reached 1,000 career points. How are you feeling about this huge accomplishment?

It’s crazy to me because I’ve seen so many good players do that and it just makes me think that I’m up there with the better players in basketball.

Basketball is your major sport. What first got you into basketball? 

My mom is the main thing and person who got me into basketball. She helped me through the process of becoming a smart IQ player.

What are you and the basketball team most looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to the state tournament because I think we might actually have a chance for it this year.

Being a senior out on the court, what makes Mica Mountain such a special program? Is it the culture? The coaching and players? Or a little bit of everything? 

I would say a little bit of everything. The people I have been around the longest and who I put in the hardest hours with are one of the best and special things for me as a senior.

You have a great GPA. Is this something you have always tried to maintain during your athletic career? Has the classroom always been important to you?

Yes. It’s mainly for recruiting because I know programs always look for a player with a good GPA and work ethic. 

Who else on your team do we need to keep an eye out for that has possibly fallen under the radar? 

I think Will Henry is one of the most skilled guards I’ve played with and he is definitely under the radar, when he really should be a top prospect for most lower division schools only because of his height. But because he works so hard, it pays off for him on the court and he is just a better player in my opinion.

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