Volleyball Preview: 160 Top Returners; Coaching Records; State Championships

Mica Mountain head coach Amy Johnson became the second coach from Southern Arizona to pass 1,000 career matches. Johnson is two wins away from 400 on the girl’s side. (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson)


(List doesn’t take into account transfers, new players, freshmen, injuries or not competing players. These are the top stat returners from last year only.)

Ella Joplin, Marana Jr.
Hannah Dotson, Marana Sr.
Kiera Hamilton, Tucson Jr.
Ruthie Wnek, Tucson Sr.
Noelani Valencia, Tucson Sr.
Jaliyah Grigsby, Tucson Jr.
Natalie Glasshoff, Marana Sr.
Anina Fuentes, Marana Sr.
Alexa Blair, Rincon University Sr.
Delaney Reuter, Rincon University Jr.
Scarlett Lopez, Rincon University Jr.
Amaris Fuentes, Marana So.
Kaitlyn Hudson, Marana Sr.
Ashley Rosthenhausler, Sunnyside So.
Angela Gutierrez, Sunnyside Sr.
Maggie McReynolds, Mountain View Sr.
Molly Brunell, Catalina Foothills Sr.
Mercy Martinez, Catalina Foothills Jr.
Reagan McFarland, Cienega Sr.
Julia Weatherbie, Mountain View Sr.
Taylor DeSpain, Ironwood Ridge Sr.
Kristina Brei, Ironwood Ridge Sr.
Tori Staples, Catalina Foothills Sr.
Schade Smith, Buena Sr.
Julia Ford, Catalina Foothills Sr.
Isabella Hernandez, Mountain View Sr.
Aubrey Kallman, Cienega Sr.
Lexi Woodyard, Mountain View Sr.
Alma Teilon, Desert View Jr.
Megan Jacobson, Mountain View So.
Kamaile Kerr, Buena Sr.
Adrienne Keller. Buena Sr.
Lindsey Geisel, Buena Sr.
Kamila Velasco, Cienega Sr.
Reegan Nolan, Cienega So.
Analiz Ruiz, Desert View Jr.
Cherlyn Garcia, Desert View Sr.
Fernanda Castaneda, Desert View Jr.
Azalea Moraga, Desert View So.
Anais Dominguez, Nogales Sr.
Paris Crisantes, Nogales Sr.
Bela Mendoza, Catalina Foothills Sr.
Laila Adcock, Catalina Foothills Jr.
Lauren Glasner, Catalina Foothills Sr.
Myranda Arsola, Cholla Sr.
Aubree Rauch, Ironwood Ridge Jr.
Elizabeth Semon, Ironwood Ridge Sr.
Samantha Sotelo, Ironwood Ridge, Sr.
Sadie Chintis, Mountain View Jr.
Megan Jacobson, Mountain View So.
Isabella Kilian, Mountain View Jr.
Brityn Ward, Mountain View Sr.
Lexi Hutchens, Salpointe Jr.
Megan Muehlebach, Salpointe Sr.
Macy Whatton, Canyon Del Oro Jr.
Soso Okpara, Mica Mountain Jr.
Brooklyn Comfort, Sahuaro Sr.
Jayden Nugent, Mica Mountain Jr.
Sophia Hernandez, Salpointe Sr.
Bella Webb, Mica Mountain, Sr.
Kate Mobley, Salpointe So.
Belle Russell, Salpointe Jr.
Aubrie Fellmeth, Mica Mountain Jr.
Addison Gilvin, Sahuarita Jr.
Addison Scott, Mica Mountain Sr.
Leila Lowther, Salpointe Sr.
Kendall Buckley, Canyon del Oro So.
Kendall Snyder, Canyon del Oro Sr.
Addison Andrews, Mica Mountain Jr.
Bre Castillo, Mica Mountain Sr.
Taylor Navarro, Mica Mountain Jr.
Kayla Bailey, Flowing Wells Sr.
Samantha Alcantar, Rio Rico, Sr.
Dominique Munoz, Douglas, Jr.
Shanise Bustamante, Amphitheater Sr.
Kylie Strang, Canyon del Oro Sr.
Mikayla Martinez, Canyon del Oro Sr.
Alex Jacome, Canyon del Oro Jr.
Stormie Vass, Flowing Wells Sr.
Eva Escarcega, Flowing Wells Sr.
Aliya Barnette, Flowing Wells Jr.
Lily Rodriguez, Flowing Wells Sr.
Mariana Leon Bay, Pueblo Sr.
Frida Bustamante, Pueblo Sr.
Cassandra Coolidge, Sahuaro Sr.
Madison Murrow, Sahuaro Sr.
Haylee Au, Sahuaro Jr.
Hannah Kynaston, Salpointe Sr.
Eleanor Sharp, Salpointe Jr.
Iris Wheeler, Salpointe Jr.
Shanise Bustamante, Amphitheater Sr.
Sonia Santiago, Douglas Sr.
Aydil Montano, Douglas So.
Dominique Munoz, Douglas Jr.
Hailey Barco, Douglas Jr.
Gigi Miller, Mica Mountain Jr.
Sofia Bishop, Mica Mountain Jr.
Ariann Tapia, Rio Rico Jr.
Sophia Alvarez, Sahuarita Jr.
Alyanna Barraza, Sahuarita Sr.
Mariah Alvarez, Walden Grove Sr.
Carolina Navarro, Walden Grove Jr.
Denise Villanueva, Walden Grove Jr.
Amanda Ramos, Walden Grove Sr.
Kiara Fernandez, Walden Grove Jr.
Sophia Ortiz, Sahuarita Jr.
Madison Williams, Pueblo Sr.
Hannah Haggard, Tanque Verde Sr.
Ava Bearden, Tanque Verde So.
Teegan Wilfert, Pusch Ridge Sr.
¬Ava Cheney, Tanque Verde Jr.
Jessica Larsen, Sabino Jr.
Rylie Johnson, Empire Sr.
Nevaeh Henton, Catalina Sr.
Madelyn Roby, Empire Sr.
Morgan Faunce, Empire Sr.
Callista Drawbaugh, Empire Sr.
Lucy Vasquez, Palo Verde Jr.
Estelle Fetsis, Pusch Ridge Jr.
Kayla Henninger, Pusch Ridge Sr.
Noelle Mulvanny, Pusch Ridge So.
Amelia Gordon, Pusch Ridge Sr.
Hannah Love, Pusch Ridge Jr.
Avery Nielson, Sabino Jr.
Julia Sprotte, Jr. Tanque Verde
Toni Delfaco, Tanque Verde Sr.
Julia Schilling, Tombstone Jr.
Hannah Humphrey, Tombstone Sr.
Makinzee Meinhardt, Tombstone Sr.
Amiah Kieft, Tombstone Jr.
Trinity Foy, Benson Sr.
Grace Coulston, Benson Sr.
Carolina Georgelos, St. Augustine Jr.
Ashley Mendez, St. Augustine Sr.
Sophia Washburn, St. Augustine So.
Jamey Darwin, Benson Sr.
Lily Haftman, Benson Sr.
Lucy Gonzalez-Vazquez, Bisbee Sr..
Amiah Kieft, Tombstone Jr.
Maddie Bennett, Willcox Jr.
Nataly Thompson, Willcox Jr.
Mabrisa Tona, Willcox Jr.
Kennedy Ebert, Willcox So.
Anissa Jacquez, St. David Sr.
Mayla Trejo, St. David Sr.
Alexa Yarger, Desert Christian So.
Jenny Vasquez, Patagonia Sr.
Gracey Crockett, St. David Jr.
Faith Charles, Desert Christian So.
Halee Deskins, St. David Sr.
Malaika Thiagarajan, Gregory School Sr.
Jayla Umfleet, Patagonia Sr.
Paloma McMahon, Gregory School Sr.
Aimee Lloyd, Desert Christian Jr.
Alayna Harding, Desert Christian Jr.
Jazlynn Clark, San Manuel Sr.
Gyannah Madrid, San Manuel Jr.
Larissa Corona, San Manuel Sr.
Hollie Keil, San Simon Jr.
Evelyn Lopez, San Simon So.
Courtney Noble, Valley Union Sr.


Bill Lang, Ironwood Ridge (Girls Active)
753-419 (1,172)
535: Girls (2 runner-up)
218: Boys

Amy Johnson, Salpointe/Sabino/Mica Mountain (Girls Active)
745-230-36 (1,011)
398: Girls
347: Boys (2 runner-up)

Heather Moore-Martin, Green Fields, Catalina & Salpointe (Girls Active)
686-185 (871)
472: Girls (3 championships & 2 runner-up)
214: Boys (2 championships)

Sandy Novak, Sahuaro
673-203 (876)
404: Girls (2 runner-up)
269: Boys (1 championship & 1 runner-up)

Juanita Kingston, Rincon/UHS
671-301 (972)
455: Girls (1 championship & 1 runner-up)
216: Boys (1 runner-up)

Melva Lundy, Canyon del Oro
592-234 (826)
(1 championship with the boys & 3 runner-up with the boys)
(unknown breakdown)

Heather Mott, Cienega (Boys Active)
513-203 (716)
280: Girls
233: Boys (2 championships)


St. David (9)
1972: 1A (Donald Roylance)
1976: 1A (Orland Merrill)
1982: 1A (Orland Merrill)
1983: 1A (Orland Merrill)
1989: 1A (Orland Merrill)
2013: D-V (Tylene Miller)
2016: 1A (Tylene Miller)
2019: 1A (Tylene Miller)
2020: 1A (Tylene Miller)

Willcox (6)
1976: 3A (Lois Seibel)
1979: 3A (Bobby Nelson)
1990: 2A (Bobby Nelson)
1988: 2A (Bobby Nelson)
1989: 2A (Bobby Nelson)
1990: 2A (Bobby Nelson)

Sahuaro (5)
1974: 5A (Pauline Jordan)
1975: 5A (Pauline Jordan)
1976: 5A (Pauline Jordan)
1981: 5A (Cherrie Brinlee)
1982: 5A (Cherrie Brinlee)

Rincon/UHS (3)
1973: 5A (Toni Edwards)
1979: 5A (Toni Edwards)
1993: 4A (Juanita Kingston)

Salpointe (3)
2016: 4A (Heather Moore-Martin)
2017: 4A (Heather Moore-Martin)
2020: 4A (Heather Moore-Martin)

Catalina (2)
1972: 5A (Mary Hines)
1983: 5A (Mary Hines)

Valley Union (2)
1974: 1A (Joe Burnside)
1985: 1A (Mike Thompson)

2005: 2A (Kimberly East)

1977: 3A (Mary Riley)

Bowie/San Simon
2007: 1A (Casey Lewis)

Flowing Wells
1991: 4A (Ed Nymeyer)

1975: 3A (Shelley Copeland)

1989: 4A (Tim Demarchi)

San Manuel
1974: 3A (Diane NaDeau)

1990: 4A (Rosa Lara)


Named one of “Arizona’s Heart & Sol” by KOLD and Casino del Sol, Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014, he was awarded the Ray McNally Award in 2017 and a 2019 AZ Education News recognition. He was a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. He was the first in Arizona to write about high school beach volleyball and high school girls wrestling and his unique perspective can only be found here and on AZPreps365.com. Andy is a Southern Arizona voting member of the Ed Doherty Award, recognizing the top football player in Arizona, and he was named a Local Hero by the Tucson Weekly for 2016. Andy was named an Honorary Flowing Wells Caballero in 2019, became a member of the Sunnyside Los Mezquites Cross Country Hall of Fame in 2021 and he was a member of the Amphi COVID-19 Blue Ribbon Committee. He earned a Distinguished Service Award from Amphitheater and he was recognized by City Councilman Richard Fimbres. Contact Andy Morales at amoralesmytucson@yahoo.com

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