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Four Dominate wrestlers part of Team Arizona’s Christmas Clash Girls Duals champions

L-R: Penelope Soto, Jasmine Buck, Maya Rodriguez and Skylar Soto (Dominate Girls Wrestling)

Four wrestlers from Green Valley-based Dominate Girls Wrestling Club earned the Christmas Clash Duals championship in the eighth grade or below division as part of Team Arizona at Salt Lake City last week.

Penelope and Skylar Soto, Jasmine Buck and Maya Rodriguez are the Dominate Girls Wrestling members who competed with Team Arizona.

In the championship match against Team Oregon, won by Team Arizona 45-36, three of the members emerged with victories, all by fall.

Penelope Soto won the 65-pound match by fall in 35 seconds, Buck earned the 70-pound title by fall in 2:58 and Rodriguez placed first in the 75-pound class by fall in 2:08.

Skylar Soto won a match by fall in 36 seconds in the 80-pound class in pool play against Team Utah Blue.

Christmas Clash Duals champions Team Arizona (Team Arizona photo)

Matches from Team Arizona defeating Oregon 45-36 for the Christmas Clash Duals championship:

  • 75 – Jasmine Buck (Team Arizona) over Jaslyn Flores (Oregon) Fall 2:58
  • 80 – Yareli Flores (Oregon) over Daphney Gomez (Team Arizona) Fall 4:09
  • 85 – Oliva Hernandez (Oregon) over Lailani Strong (Team Arizona) Fall 0:35
  • 90 – Madyn Overman (Team Arizona) over Lauren Echeverria (Oregon) Dec 8-7
  • 96 – Maya Rodriguez (Team Arizona) over Audry Flores (Oregon) Fall 2:08
  • 102 – Daynah Gomez (Team Arizona) over Chevelle Boynton (Oregon) Fall 1:12
  • 110 – Naylani Valdez (Team Arizona) over Maylee Yancey (Oregon) Fall 0:32
  • 125 – Paisley Morrison (Oregon) over Kinzley Sanchez (Team Arizona) Fall 1:20
  • 140 – Coral Averett (Oregon) over Annette Preston (Team Arizona) Fall 2:59
  • 170 – Elizabeth Niemi (Oregon) over Celeste Cruz (Team Arizona) Fall 3:16
  • 55 – Ava Harris (Oregon) over Danikah Gomez (Team Arizona) Fall 0:20
  • 60 – Reese Farrar (Team Arizona) over Esme Miller (Oregon) Fall 2:00
  • 65 – Penelope Soto (Team Arizona) over Amia Smith (Oregon) Fall 0:35
  • 70 – Regan Kinneman (Team Arizona) over Peyton Schiess (Oregon) Fall 2:41

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