Tee Ball excitement between CDO & Marana


Reese is sure to be an All-Star in a few years - she already is (Andy Morales/

Reese is sure to be an All-Star in a few years – she already is (Andy Morales/


No one keeps score and everyone bats. There are no errors. This is Tee Ball and it’s perfect just the way it is.

Tee Ball players range in age from 4-6 where proper foundations for fundamentals are taught along with making the game fun rather than pressure-filled (mostly for the parents).

Everyone bats and everyone fields because everyone is learning. This is also the stage where some parents begin to learn the game. Cheering for players from both teams is not required but it’s almost impossible not to.

Reese is only in kindergarten but the 5-year-old from Marana has already displayed a few skills above her age including form and the ability to know what to do with the ball when she fields it. Ask any coach and they will tell you some veterans have yet to grasp that concept.

“I like everything. Hitting, running and throwing,” Reese said.

When asked how she learned what to do she responded, “I knew it was the right thing to do.”

Ryder is also in kindergarten and the CDO star also enjoys pretty much everything there is about baseball and I’m pretty sure everything about life as well.

“I like to hit hard and then go to the bases,” he explained. “I also like the snacks.”

Who doesn’t?

How can you not smile along with Ryder?

How can you not smile along with Ryder?

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