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Izzy’s POV: What’s my Point of View?

Hi Wildcat Fans! I am thrilled to say that I will be writing a weekly column for AllSportsTucson.com throughout our season. Each week, I plan to share with you where I have been, where I am at and where I am going. I will be my authentic self and offer unique insight into the game from my perspective.

When thinking of a name for this column, I tried to keep in mind what I wanted to share with you all. I knew I wanted to talk about what it meant to me to be on the University of Arizona softball team and the impact this program has had on my life.

So, what is my point of view?

I was born and raised here in Tucson, grew up on the Southside and moved to Oro Valley my freshman year of high school. I went to Elvira Elementary, Challenger Middle School and Ironwood Ridge High School. Education has been a very important part of my life and I finished my degree in Elementary Education. I am pursuing my masters in Teaching and Teacher Education at UArizona.

Izzy Pacho with members of her family (Pacho photo)

My family, upbringing, and experiences have shaped the way I look at and value life. Some of my values include my family, friends, humor, authenticity, strong work ethic, positive outlooks, everything happens for a reason, and being a great teammate. My Mom, Dad, and siblings are my #1 supporters and spending time with them is important to me.

My definition of happiness is peace and laughter. No matter where I am at or what I am doing, I will be my authentic self. Having a strong work ethic was taught to me when I was young and I believe it has helped me get to where I am today. I try to see things from the positive side on and off the field. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and you belong where your feet are.

Members of the 2023 Arizona softball team (Izzy Pacho photo)

Being a great teammate is something that I strive to be every single day. I want to be remembered for how I made people feel and the impact I had on them, rather than the statistics I had throughout my five years. We go back to practicing on Jan. 4 and I couldn’t be more excited. This team has potential, grit, fun and passion that will carry us throughout our season.

Thanks for following along with me!

Bear down!

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