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Sold Out Shows in September? That’s what Fisch wants as UA trends up with improvement

What is there to expect in year three under Jedd Fisch as the University of Arizona? Hmmm.

If it’s anything like year one or year two it’s a trend upward. Right?

Thoughts of six, seven – and yikes – even eight wins have been thrown out there. It’s clear Fisch has solidified himself as a man/coach who will do what it takes to deliver.

He harkened back to win he was hired more than three years ago, saying what the late Lute Olson told Arizona fans in 1983: “get your tickets now.”

“Three years from now hopefully will be sold out,” Fisch recalled saying back then. “Hopefully we’re getting close to that. It’s certainly a build.”

So far, so good. And yes, 5-7 was good last year given the state of the program when he took over.

Fisch spoke to that topic and many more on Tuesday morning during the annual media day at Arizona. UA football fall practice officially begins on Tuesday morning.

“We talked about it the first year of laying the foundation (calling) that year zero.  Last year it was a build and trying to get things accomplished. Now this year I believe we’re at a place where we have a good football team. And we’re excited about the six home games.”

He said he’d like to sell out every home game in September.

“We’ll figure it out from there,” he said. “We feel like we’ve made a great impact in the state when it comes to recruiting, people want to stay at home. People want to come here. The state of Arizona for the first time in a very long time wants to send their players in state to the University of Arizona. That’s huge. So we’ve made the strides we’ve wanted to make so far, but we recognize we still have a long way to go on being able to get to a bowl game, (b) compete for a championship and (c) be a top 25 team.”

That’s Arizona’s plan. Lofty to be sure but we’ll see how realistic it will be starting in September when Arizona plays host to Northern Arizona in game one.

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