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Luke Walton talks to the media after Golden State's 16-0 record start following a win over the Los Angeles Lakers last night (YouTube video)

Luke Walton talks to the media after Golden State’s 16-0 record start following a win over the Los Angeles Lakers last night (YouTube video)

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The Golden State Warriors’ historic 16-0 start this season is yet another noteworthy accomplishment by former Arizona Wildcats in the professional ranks.

Coming off a magical NBA title season coaching the Warriors, Steve Kerr, Luke Walton and Bruce Fraser are back at it again leading the most charmed franchise in the NBA with Andre Iguodala the returning Finals MVP.

Kerr has not sat on the bench as the head coach of the Warriors because of complications from offseason back surgery, but he reportedly is involved with the day-to-day operations of the team. He does not travel with the Warriors, but he attends practices and all of the home games and confers with Walton and his staff often.

Walton now has the distinction of being the first coach to lead an NBA team to a 16-0 start, albeit as an interim coach who actually does not get credit for the victories as part of his coaching record. The 16 wins go on Kerr’s coaching record, which is now 83-15.

It does not matter because Walton and Kerr are one in the same.

“They have equity in the relationship,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers told USA Today. “They knew each other before. There’s the whole Arizona mafia deal. So I think it’s a bonus, but a very important bonus, that they interact in a very healthy way.”

With the Warriors’ torrid start, Walton certainly has set himself up for a head coaching job somewhere most likely by next season.

“The experience has been incredible,” Walton said in another USA Today article. “I wanted to (coach), and this has just kind of reinforced that even more. Now it’s, ‘Oh yeah, 100%, I love doing this.'”

With the NBA title and record 16-0 start accomplished by Kerr, Walton, Fraser and Iguodala, it brings to mind memories of other historic accomplishments in pro sports by former Arizona Wildcats. Click on the “Next” arrow to the upper or lower right to continue in the slideshow to observe those most noteworthy, historic achievements …


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