Student story: Sahuaro’s student body president going on 7 year streak of having straight A’s


by Sahuaro student Jessica Luna, The Paper Cut Associate Editor

Rick Botkin (Jessica Luna)

Rick Botkin (Jessica Luna)

Senior body president, Rick Botkin, has had straight A’s since sixth grade. He’s currently at a 4.12 GPA.

This perfectionist hates seeing work undone and wants to do everything as best as he can. He said he will, “Work hard even if I don’t want to.” He says he does his work in class to get some free time at home and for cross country. He started cross country in his junior year but he has always liked the sport and he likes to see his progress through it. Before running, Rick participated in football for seven years as a right guard.

Along with cross country, Rick also participates in orchestra, student council, track, and he used to play bass for the band named, “Simple Existence” (which won Battle of the Bands in 2013 at “The Rock” here in Tucson).

All these clubs can be very time consuming, but Rick has a great attitude that keeps him so involved and a mindset that allows him to keep his grades up. He’s doesn’t mind late study nights because he enjoys all his extracurricular activities that he proudly participates in.

Rick isn’t pressured by anyone but himself to get outstanding grades. Internal pressure helps him strive for academic success while maintaining a very prestigious GPA. When asked if he had any tips for maintaining straight A’s he responded simply with: “Never let failure disappoint you or discourage you from doing your best.”

“Keep working hard.”

“Always ask for help if you need it.”

He also believes that, “It’s not the grade that defines you, it’s the work”.

It’s great how he can manage his time between extracurricular activities and school work; it shows he’s a diligent student. Rick hopes to get into a good college in the east coast where he will be involved in engineering and science to pursue his dream job of discovering new things.

Jessica Luna

Jessica Luna is a junior, working as the Associate Editor on The Paper Cut. Jessica loves being outside, hates technology, and loved to see other people happy. Her favorite smell is the smell after it rains and she is all for world peace and being Eco-friendly.

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